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Can a 5g mobile phone use a 4g mobile phone card

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5g mobile phones can use 4g mobile cards, which are compatible, but the network speed is mainly 4g. At present, 5g network is developing faster and faster. Many consumers have begun to buy 5g mobile phones and try new technologies in advance. But 5g network needs higher technology and frequency, so only with 5g mobile phones and 5g phone cards can use 5g network

5g mobile phones can use 4g mobile cards

5g mobile phones can use 4g mobile cards, but when using 5g mobile phones and 4g cards, the network speed is still 4g, which has nothing to do with 5g. If you want to use 5g network, you must use 5g mobile phone and 5g phone card together. In fact, if it is a 4g mobile phone and a 5g phone card, it can only use the 4g network, so it needs to be equipped with tools to use the 5g network

At present, technology is developing faster and faster, and 5g networks are also slowly emerging in front of consumers. 5g networks are obviously much better than 4g in connection speed, capacity, data and other aspects. Therefore, at present, China has slowly put into the construction of 5g networks, especially the three major operators in China have begun to sell 5g commercial packages

It is worth noting that 5g networks need higher technology and frequency, which cannot be achieved by 4g networks. Therefore, consumers who want to experience 5g networks must change their 5g mobile phones and also change their new 5g phone cards, otherwise they cannot enjoy 5g ultra-fast network services

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