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Can the keyboard be washed

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The keyboard can be washed with water. It is necessary to carefully remove the PCB board inside and brush it with a soft brush. After the upper cover, lower cover and key cap of the keyboard are all removed, they can be washed directly. After they are dried, they can be used normally after reassembling all components

The keyboard can be washed with water

The keyboard can be washed with water. The keyboard needs to be disassembled first. Remove all the screws on the back of the keyboard with a screwdriver. The keyboard without screws can be inserted into the gap in front of the keyboard foot support with a hard card. Open the buckle inside, and the upper and lower covers of the keyboard can be separated

When disassembling the upper and lower covers, do not pull them directly to prevent the wires inside from directly breaking. Then remove all the screws fixing the PCB board inside, remove the PCB board, pay attention to the two rows of wires connecting the bottom shell when removing the PCB board, carefully remove the two rows of wires, and put the PCB board and screws aside

Then remove all the keys on the front of the keyboard, install the water basin, and wash the upper cover and back cover of the keyboard with clean water, and the keys in the water basin can be washed with water. It is recommended to use a soft brush to clean the dust on the PCB board, but it is necessary to use a dry brush directly. Then reassemble all cleaned and dried parts to complete cleaning

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