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Why the compressed file cannot be opened

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If the compressed file cannot be opened, it may be caused by computer poisoning. Sometimes computer poisoning will cause the computer to lose many functions, resulting in that the compressed package cannot be opened. It is also possible that the contents of the compressed package are damaged during use. At this time, you can decompress the file and keep the damaged file before continuing to extract the file. It is also possible that the compressed package itself is missing the program and causes the error

1. Computer poisoning

It is possible that the computer has entered a virus. Under the suppression of the computer virus, the computer loses some functions and may not be able to decompress the file. First install a computer antivirus software, find the Trojan horse in the software, and then scan and clean the garbage files, and then you can use the compressed files normally

2. The file is damaged

The compressed package is damaged due to some reasons during compression or transmission. For this reason, right click on the compressed package, and then select Extract File. Click“ in the dialog box that appears; Keep corrupt files”, The extracted file can be extracted directly

3. The problem of the compressed package itself

Some compressed packages cannot be opened due to missing programs. This may be due to the security problem of some of the components, which are removed by antivirus software as Trojan files, making the compressed package unable to be used normally. If so, it can only be recompressed from the original file and cannot be repaired

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