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What to do if the internet speed is too slow

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If the mobile network speed is too slow, open the mobile phone settings and click the access point (APN) to set the name to“ CTNET”, Set the address to“ ctnet” Save it; If the network speed of the computer is slow, you can clean the computer files, and then check whether the network cable is in poor contact; Poor router quality will also slow down the network speed. You can change a router

1. The mobile network speed is slow


If the mobile network speed is slow, click“ Set”, After finding the mobile network, open the access point (APN), select the new access point and set the name to“ CTNET”, After setting, change the APN position to“ ctnet” Yes, after the default is saved, the network speed of connecting the new access point will be faster

2. The network speed of the computer is slow


The network speed of the computer is slow. It may be that there are too many viruses and files in the computer, resulting in the internal overload of the computer, and the running of the program will be very slow, so the computer should be antivirus first. After antivirus, check the computer network cable to see if the network cable is damaged or in poor contact, and clean the dust inside the computer host

3. Other


If the network speed is too slow, first check the problem of the router. If the signal processing effect of the router is poor due to its old disrepair, the network speed will be slow. When purchasing a router, try to choose a better router, especially broadband larger than 100M, which must be equipped with a gigabit router

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