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How to make photos into videos

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If you want to make a picture into a video, you can import the picture into pr, set the resolution, open the video transition in the effect, add your favorite transition to the picture, and click“ in the editing area after adding; CTRL+M”, Open the export settings, set the format and save the export

Import the photo you want to process into pr, right-click the image to create a clip sequence, click Sequence Settings under the Sequence menu, set the resolution in the video preview, click OK, and drag the rest of the pictures into it

Open the video transition in the effect. You can see that there are many transition types, and there are more detailed classifications under each type. Select the transition you like and drag it to the middle of the two pictures. Then the two pictures have a transition

After adding transitions to all pictures, click“ in the clipping area; CTRL+M”, Open the export settings, select the H.264 format, and click the matching source - high bit rate by default

Click the output name, select the location to save and name it, click Save and then click Export to finish

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