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How to clean the volume hole of iPhone

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The dust in the volume hole of the iPhone can be cleaned with a toothpick. Remove the top of the toothpick, gently wrap the front circle with double-sided adhesive tape, and rotate several circles inside the volume hole of the phone. In case of less dust, the dust can be removed by gently wiping the inside of the earphone edge with a cotton swab

1. The toothpick

The iPhone volume hole can be used for daily dust cleaning. The top of the toothpick can be removed, the front of the toothpick can be gently wrapped with double-sided adhesive, and the dust can be removed by rotating a few circles in the volume hole of the phone. If the toothpick is relatively thick, it can also be removed by the stems of plants such as dogtail grass

2. The cotton swab

The cotton swab with good quality can also remove dust, but it is only suitable for less dust. You can use the cotton swab to gently wipe the inside of the edge of the earphone, do not go too deep, or aim the suction tube at the volume hole and blow air to disperse the dust

3. The maintenance shop should deal with

If you do not have operating experience, it is recommended that you do not clean the dust in the volume hole by yourself to avoid damaging the hardware. You can take it to the maintenance shop, and use professional tools to better clean the dust, and will not damage the internal hardware of the phone

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