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How to deal with the water in the mobile phone

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The water in the mobile phone can be wiped off with clean toilet paper or cloth. During the process, the water in the mobile phone needs to be placed downward. Do not turn on the phone after drying, otherwise the internal components may be burned out. You can put it in desiccant or rice for dehumidification treatment, and take out the mobile phone after 6 hours and try to turn it on

1. Dry the mobile phone

Use clean cloth or toilet paper to dry the mobile phone. During the drying process, place the water ingress part downward to avoid water flowing into the interior of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone is completely wet, you can put the motherboard upward, with the Apple phone motherboard on the right and the Android phone motherboard on the top

2. Do not turn on the phone

Do not turn on the phone after the phone is flooded, because once the phone is powered on, the internal components may be burned, which is a dangerous behavior

3. Drying treatment

Use desiccant for dehumidification treatment. If there is no desiccant in the home, use rice instead, bury the mobile phone in rice or desiccant, and let it stand for 6 hours. Then try to turn on the phone. After the phone is turned on normally, check the functions of the phone and whether it can be charged normally. If the phone cannot be turned on or the charging heat energy phenomenon occurs, it needs to be repaired in time

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