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What should I do if the computer doesn't work

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When the computer cannot be started due to the looseness of internal parts caused by collision, it is necessary to open the case and re-insert the graphics card, memory module and other accessories inside. When the machine cannot be started due to the failure or incompatibility of the BOIS program upgrade, the original BIOS program file needs to be used for recovery

How to deal with the failure of the computer to turn on the computer

When the computer fails to turn on after moving, it may be because the computer is hit or vibrated during moving, and the parts inside the computer will become loose, which will cause the computer to crash or fail to turn on. At this time, you can open the computer case and re-insert the memory module, graphics card and other devices inside

When the computer fails to start or crashes after upgrading the BIOS program, it is likely that the BIOS program upgrade fails, or the upgraded BIOS program is incompatible with the computer hardware, which requires using the original BIOS program file for recovery

When the computer fails to start up or crashes after the CPU upgrade or CPU overclocking, it is likely that it is caused by the CPU overclocking or upgrading. At this time, it is necessary to restore the CPU to the normal frequency, or to the state before the upgrade, and the computer can start up normally

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