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What to do if I forget my iPad password

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If you forget your iPad password, you can connect your phone with a data cable after installing iTunes on your computer. After logging in to iTunes, press and hold the iPad power key and home key, and select“ Restore ipad” The factory settings can be completed; If you forget the ID and password of your iPad account, you can log in to Apple's official website to change the password

1. Forgot the iPad lock screen password

If you forget the iPad lock screen password, you can turn off the iPad first, install iTunes on the computer, and connect it with a data cable. When logging in, pay attention that the account information of iTunes must be the same as the account of the iPad before you can synchronize the operation, otherwise it is useless. You can compare the information before operation, or log in again after exiting

After connecting, press and hold the power key of the iPad, and then press and hold the home key in the middle until the screen is black. Open iTunes and click“ Restore ipad” Then start to complete the factory settings step by step according to the prompts. Before the iPad is restored, it is best to back up important files through iCloud, otherwise all files will disappear after the restore

2. Forgot the iPad account ID and password

If you forget the iPad account ID and password, you can log in to Apple's official website and retrieve the password through the login system on Apple's official website. Log in to Apple's official website and select“ in the login interface; Forgot Password”, After the system automatically jumps, enter the Apple ID and reset the new password through the bound mobile phone number or email

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