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What to do when the laptop is turned on with black screen

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There are many reasons for the black screen of the laptop when it is turned on, such as the laptop is in sleep, screen problems, graphics card or motherboard problems. When the notebook is in hibernation, you can wake up the computer by pressing any key on the keyboard. For screen problems, it is recommended to send it to the maintenance shop for repair. However, if the graphics card or motherboard is not plugged in tightly, you just need to plug and unplug the graphics card again

1. The notebook is in hibernation state

The screen of the notebook is still black after it is turned on. It may be because the notebook is in hibernation state. At this time, just press any key on the notebook keyboard to wake up the notebook. If you do not want the notebook to go to sleep, you can change the sleep time of the notebook to“ Never&rdquo

2. Screen problem

When the notebook computer turns on black screen, it is recommended to connect an external screen to check whether the notebook computer's graphics card is normal. If the external screen can display normally, it indicates that the notebook's screen is faulty, or there is a problem with the internal wiring. It is recommended to send it to the maintenance shop for repair

3. Problems with the graphics card or motherboard

If there is a system prompt tone and the external screen is abnormal after the notebook is turned on, it is likely that there is a problem with the graphics card or motherboard of the notebook. This is to open the shell of the notebook, insert the interface between the screen and the motherboard tightly, remove the dust inside, and then reinstall the parts to the original position

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