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What to do if I forget the wireless network password

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The wireless network password can be viewed by the computer. Click the network settings at the bottom right of the computer, select Properties, open the security option, and check“ Display characters” You can see the password; If the router password is not changed, you can log in to the router to view the password; Select the connected wifi and share the network. Scan the QR code with other apps to display the password

1. Computer View

After opening the computer, click the network in the lower right corner of the desktop, open the network settings, and you can see many connected wireless networks. After finding your own wireless network, right click to open“ Property”. There is a security option in the property bar. After clicking, the“ Display characters” Check to see the password

2. Log in to the router

The initial password of the router will be at the bottom of the router. If the router password is not changed, you can also log in to the router to view it. Open the phone and find the wifi option of the phone. After seeing the connected network, click the router IP below, copy the router IP, and enter the router password to see the wifi password

3. QR code

First open the phone's wifi settings, click to enter the wifi details, and select“ Share Network” After that, a two-dimensional image will appear. After screenshots or pictures are saved, use the app with QR code function to scan them. Some garbled code may be scanned, but the numbers and letters in the middle are the wifi password

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