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How to check the activation time of Apple phone

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To check the activation time of Apple's mobile phone, click to enter Apple's official website and select Technical Support. Click to view your warranty status and enter the jump page. After entering the account and password, log in to the user interface and drop down the page to view the warranty time of the mobile phone. Generally, the registration time is the warranty time minus one year

1. Enter the official website

Open the Baidu search engine, enter Apple's official website in the search box, click the webpage with the official website logo, and enter. After entering Apple's official website, click“ Technical Support”, After the drop-down page, you can see the function options, and click“ View the warranty status of your product&rdquo

2. Log in

At this time, the page will jump to a new login page. Enter the Apple AppleID account and password according to the prompt and process, and click to log in after confirmation. After the login page, it will jump to the relevant technical support of the user, and the information related to the warranty will be found in the drop-down page

3. The viewing time

is generally in“ Repair and service warranty” In that part, you can directly view the expiration date of the warranty, and subtracting one year from this time is the activation date of the phone, because the warranty period of the iPhone product is one year. If there is a special warranty period, the product shall prevail

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