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How to open the mpp file

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Find the project reader in the browser and download it. After selecting the file directory to save the download, click Continue to decompress. Since the software is not Chinese-language, you can continue to download it according to the words "yes", "accept", and finally select“ Typical” After downloading, click the mpp file directly to view it

mpp file opening method

First, download the mpp file viewer, find the project reader in the browser and download it. In fact, you can use Microsoft Project directly to view it, but if you need to edit it, it is better to download the project reader. Click the download package to continue decompression

It is worth noting that since this software has not been translated into Chinese, you should select“ accept” The representative confirms the download. During downloading, the system will prompt you to select a type. Generally, we only need to view and edit it, so select“ Typical” Option means to download the classic version

Wait a few minutes to display that the software has been installed, and then click“ Finish” Option to complete the download. At this point, you can see that the mpp file can be previewed. Open the mpp file directly or from the project reader file to view the internal file contents

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