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Cad drawing steps and commands

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Before CAD drawing, it is recommended to create several layers for later modification. Open the setting frame in CAD, and then click Settings to create multiple layers to add layers. There are many action commands in CAD, which are generally divided into drawing keys and operation keys. When you use them, you can enter the shortcut keys into the command bar The drawing steps and commands of


cad are generally the same. If there are many levels of drawing, it is recommended to create several layers, which will be more convenient when modifying and integrating the drawing. You can open the“ Set Frame”, Then click“ Set” Find and create multiple layers

There are a lot of action commands in cad, from the operation shortcut keys of a single abbreviation to the system operation keys of multiple letter combinations. Learning to use the shortcut keys can save a lot of time and energy for drawing. Generally, the shortcut keys for drawing include: L drawing straight line, C drawing circle, A drawing arc, etc; The system operation keys include: OS object snap, Ctrl+S save, etc

In addition to pressing the key directly, the operation type commands should input the shortcut key into the command bar under the page, and then start with a space. Generally, for example, use L to draw a straight line. After the space ends, you can draw a straight line directly; However, for some operations, such as F fillet, you need to continue to enter other values in the command bar after completing the operation

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