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How to crack wifi password

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The WiFi master key can be downloaded from the mobile phone to break the wifi password. Select“ One-touch connection free WiFi”, You can break the wifi password. If you want to check the wifi password, Apple can download Tencent WiFi Manager and easily know the wifi password

1. Android mobile phone cracking

Android mobile phone cracking wifi password can download the WiFi master key, open the mobile phone's location service, enter the WiFi master key page, and click“ One-touch connection free WiFi”, We only need to select the“ WiFi Master Key” WiFi for connection

2. iPhone cracking

If iPhone wants to view the wifi password, we can directly use Tencent WiFi Housekeeper to connect to WiFi, open Tencent WiFi Housekeeper, directly select to view the password, and then directly generate a two-dimensional code to share with our friends

3. Laptop cracking

Download the WiFi master key PC version, turn on the WiFi switch of the notebook, then run the WiFi master key PC version, click the one button on the program homepage to query the master key, the program will automatically search the surrounding WiFi network, click the WiFi hotspot to be connected, and select Auto Connect to complete. Installing the mobile client and connecting to the computer can improve the success rate

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