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The host computer starts and goes out

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There are many reasons why the host computer turns on and off again. We can check whether the external wiring of the computer is properly connected, or plug in each wiring again, clean the dust on the main board, or unplug and plug in the indicator wire, reset wire and other switch wires directly on the board to see whether the computer can start normally

1. Reconnect the wiring

Check whether the external wiring of the computer is properly connected, or plug each wiring again. If the fault still exists, you can open the main box to check whether there are redundant metal objects in the chassis, whether there is a short circuit, and whether it needs to be replaced or repaired in time

2. Clean the dust

If there is a large amount of dust on the motherboard, it will also cause the computer host to start up and go out, so it is necessary to clean the dust in time. You can also directly unplug the indicator cable, Reset cable and other switches on the main board to check whether it can start normally

3. Unplug the data cable

Unplug the data cable of hard disk, floppy disk drive and optical disk drive to check whether the computer can start normally. If the display shows a power-on screen, it indicates that there is a problem with these data cables. You can connect several devices to the computer one by one, which can solve the problem that the computer host starts and then goes out

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