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How to recover the empty files in the recycle bin

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To recover the files emptied by the Recycle Bin, you need to open it and enter“ regedit” Enter the registry and click“ HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE” “ found in folder; NameSpace” File, in“ NameSpace” Create a new item in the file and enter“ Recycle Bin” Click OK and restart the computer

Press“ Win+R” Open the run and enter“ in the run; regedit” Click Confirm to enter the registry, and click Expand“ HKEY_ LOCAL_ MACHINE” Folder

Find“ SOFTWARE” File and click Open. Click“ in the open file; Microsoft”、& ldquo; Windows”、& ldquo; CurrentVersion”、& ldquo; Explorer”、& ldquo; DeskTop” Find and click“ NameSpace” File

Right click the new item in the blank space on the right and name it {645FFO40-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}. Click the new item and the default will appear on the right

Right click on the default and then click Modify. Enter the value data into {Recycle Bin} and click OK to restart the computer

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