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Can the notebook battery still be used after being packed

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The laptop battery drum is a serious safety hazard and cannot be used any more, otherwise it will cause combustion, explosion, toxic gas and other dangerous accidents. The best way is to replace the battery or return the notebook to the factory for maintenance

The notebook battery drum can't be used

The notebook battery drum can't be used anymore. This kind of battery has great potential safety hazard. It is better to replace it in time. If you continue to use the drum battery, there may be combustion, explosion, toxic gas generation and other dangerous accidents

The notebook battery drum may be due to the long time of charging and the failure to unplug the power supply in time. It may also be because the voltage and current are too large, which leads to the heating and deformation of the battery, and the internal decomposition of gas, which will lead to the phenomenon of bulge

But there may be a problem with the notebook battery process. If inferior materials are used, or electrolyte leakage occurs, the notebook battery will also cause bulge, which is recommended to be returned to the manufacturer for repair

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