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Can I take the battery on the plane

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The battery can not be carried directly on the plane, but can be carried with devices containing batteries, such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, watches, etc. The mobile power energy containing batteries can be carried, but the energy cannot exceed 100wh

The battery cannot be carried on the aircraft

According to the aviation management regulations, the battery cannot be carried directly on the aircraft, nor can the battery be carried in the luggage. However, mobile phones, computers, cameras, watches and other devices with batteries can be carried around, while mobile power supplies with batteries can only carry one and the energy is not more than 100wh

And there are clear regulations on the lithium content in batteries and electronic devices. The lithium content of lithium metal and lithium alloy batteries cannot be higher than 2 grams, and the lithium content of lithium ion batteries cannot be higher than 8 grams

The reason why the battery can't be carried directly is that when the normal battery encounters extrusion, puncture, high temperature and other conditions, it is easy to burn, explode, release toxic gas and other hazards, which causes great hidden danger to public safety

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