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How to convert pdf file into word

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The mobile phone converts pdf files into word, and you can download the fast PDF converter. Click" PDF conversion Word", Click“ after adding files; Confirm conversion”, Computer conversion can be done by downloading ABBYY FineReader software

Method of converting mobile pdf files to word

1. Open the mobile application market and download the Speedy PDF converter

2. Open the Speedy PDF converter to enter the home page and select the first" PDF conversion Word", Then add the file

3. Click“ after adding files; Confirm conversion”, Click“ Preview” Or“ Enter the library” Can be viewed directly

Computer pdf file conversion method

1. Computer conversion can download and install ABBYY FineReader software

2. Click to enter the interface to open“ Open PDF file/image&rdquo

3. Select the document you want to convert, click the arrow next to Save after identifying the file, and select Save as Document or directly send it to Word for editing to complete the conversion

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