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How to use ps to remove watermark

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There are three ways to remove the watermark in ps: the first is to fill it directly with the lasso tool, which is the simplest and easiest to use; the second is to use the patch tool to smear; the third is to use the stamp tool, which is more suitable for removing the watermark with messy background

The first

Open the image. You can use the Lasso tool to circle the watermark, and select Fill in the editing menu. The system will automatically analyze and fill the image, You can perform multiple operations until the watermark is removed

the third

If the image is on the main object, you can use the imitation stamp tool to press ALT+right mouse button to adjust the stamp size, press ALT+left mouse button to absorb the color, and smear the watermark until the watermark completely disappears. The above three methods can be mixed

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