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COP has been a COP Wuhan,China 沙姆沙伊赫开幕 Sharm El-Sheikh,Egypt Nov5-13,2022 Dec7-19,2022 COP14COP15 making your head spin? Is the list of COPs Let's explore these. What is COP? of states As the supreme SHARM EL-SHF EG All the COPs are about COP14is for wetland protection conservation Montreal,Canada concerns Abidjan,Cote d'Ivoire COP14 是关于生物多样性保护的 desertification control. Press Conferen 各不相同 SHARMEL-S C as an example. EGYPT2022 United Nations Parties of the to the United Nations Climate Change 1992 Established in1992, Established 1994年生效 In1995,the1st Conference of the Parties The 1st Bartn,Germany 1995年 Sha The27th 2022 Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC or COP27, represents the parties have gathered 以COP27为例 the number of times COP27 COP27 to COPs 关注这些缔约方会议 Let's all 关注这些缔约方会议 作为这些公约的 终于搞清了什么是 HOME COP14、15、27 中国日报 新媒体 看了这个视频 A PRODUCTION OF CHINA DAILY DAILY CHINA C2022CHINA DAILY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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