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How to open nef format

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Nef format can be opened by downloading NEF Codec1.20.0, which is Nikon's own software, and can open photos in many formats; You can also download Photoshop cs6 to view it. After saving the directory, start to extract the file. After downloading, click to open it; Meitu Xiuxiu can also view the nef format, which can be viewed after downloading

1. NEF Codec1.20.0

nef belongs to the file suffix name of Nikon, but generally editing software can be opened. Download NEF Codec1.20.0, a picture viewer produced by Nikon, which generally supports many types of pictures. The installation method can be downloaded directly from the official website, extracted and saved to a file and opened

2, ps cs6

Photoshop cs6 is also very powerful at present, and can be used by general editors, and the Mercury image engine is also added. Download ps cs6, select the save directory, and then extract the file. After downloading, open the file from the software, and you can view it directly. This is a convenient method

3. Meitu Xiuxiu

Meitu Xiuxiu can view nef pictures, but currently only supports computer users. After installing Meitu Xiuxiu, you will see that the nef file becomes an image and can be opened directly. Open the nef file with Meitu Xiuxiu, which can be further edited and saved to other formats

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