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How to change the password of the router

Digi admin Views Comment When the router changes the password, it is required to enter the default login address of the router in the browser window website, enter the router management interface to modify the login password, and click to modify its own user and password. The wireless router needs to click“ to modify the password wirelessly; Wireless security settings” To change your password

1, Router; Modify Login Password” And click, enter the default user name and password, and fill in the new user name and password, and then click Finish to successfully modify the router password

2. Wireless router

Log in to the router management interface and click“ on the left; Wireless Settings”, Click the bottom“ Wireless security settings”, Modify the PSK password, and then click Save at the bottom to complete the password modification of the wireless router

3. tplink router

Enter in the browser, open the router's login interface, enter the administrator password, enter the router setting interface, click routing settings, and open“ Wireless Settings”, Modify the wireless password of the tplink router

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